Installing Lilina

The following instructions cover uploading and installing Lilina onto your server. By the end of these instructions, you will have a working installation of Lilina set up on your server.

These instructions do not cover installation of plugins or installation of templates, which have their own separate guides. These instructions also do not cover upgrading to the latest version.

Checking Requirements

If you are unsure about any of the below, download and run Lilina and the installer will inform you if you meet these requirements.

Minimum Requirements


Download Lilina

Download the latest version of Lilina. As of the writing of this document, 1.0 beta 1 is the latest stable version.

If you'd prefer to keep up to date with the very latest features as they're developed, try the development or nightly archives.


Launch your FTP program, and browse into the web-accessible root directory of your site. Extract the lilina/ directory from the archive you downloaded in step 2 and upload it to this directory.

This document assumes that you're installing to /public_html/lilina/, which is accessible from the web from You'll need to adjust these to your own server settings.

Setting Permissions

The content/ directory is used by Lilina to store all configuration, plugins and templates. In order for Lilina to be able to use this directory, you need to make it writable by the server.

Making this directory writable changes depending on how your host is set up. Typical settings for this directory are to chmod the directory and subdirectories to 755, 775 or 777.

Setting this to 777 will enable any user to modify the files. Only do this if you're on a dedicated server, or if you must.

After installation, you may want to remove the write permissions on content/system/config/settings.php for security. This file contains only your authentication information and the base URL for the installation, and Lilina does not need to change this file after installing.


Head to your Lilina installation in your browser (e.g. Follow the in-browser installation process to complete the installation.

After Installation

Lilina is now installed. If you need help using the administration panel, we have documentation on that. Otherwise, you should be set to go. Congratulations and happy (feed) reading!